I am the jellyfish

hai, guise
please do not unfollow me yet. in three days, i am leaving dubai for manila and i’m trying to make the most of the little days i have left here :(
forgive me for the lack of updates

Ex Marks The Spot Design Process from Jeric Rodriguez on Vimeo.


“pass me a joint”

i rip off my arm, crying as i pass the detached extremity to my friend 

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who browses their tumblr dash while masturbating

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today I found out that Vic went to school to be a graphic designer
I did not know this. I did know that he went to college and that’s where he got the idea to name his band Pierce the Veil~
so I informed my boyfriend, having been constantly told that he resembles Vic, about this because he too designs stuff and plays the guitar… both their first and last names rhyme and that what if he might be Mexican and not actually Filipino and Vic is a lost twin of his and they are living a parallel life 0.0